Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello, Gorgeous! Look What I Finally Got...

After ten long years, I finally have a new car!  Here's my black sapphire metallic 2011 BMW 328xi with oyster and black interior: 

I'd forgotten how nice it is to drive a new car.  Oh, the smell!  This car is really swanky, too!  I don't know how I'm going to figure out all the cool electronic gadgets and features.  It has a hard drive that I can upload all of my music into, so I don't even have to use my iPod.  A heated steering wheel!  Navigation, traffic alerts, Sirius XM (which is pretty cool), and all kinds of other goodies.  Even better, for a car dunce like me, you can check your oil from inside the car.  Yes, no more popping the hood and pulling the dipstick out.  This amazing brain of a car keeps track of it for you.  It also tells you when you have a flat. 

I've been randomly driving around for the past week - although I'm still a little afraid I'm going to crash it immediately.  Everything you've heard about how awesome BMWs are to drive is completely true.  I feel like I'm driving a sports car compared to my old Jetta.

At any rate, it's very nice to have a car again.  This weekend I can finally take some more stuff over to Salvation Army, as I continue to try to pare down my clothing and other crap. 

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  1. Congrats! Love the color! I can't even imagine having all those features!