Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Forgot My Phone Today

Why does leaving my house without my cell phone send me into such a sense of panic?

I lived twenty five years of my life without a cell phone.  (Yes, I was a very late adopter.  I hate talking on the phone, and the very idea that anyone should be able to reach me at any time was alarming.)  Nothing horrible happened to me during my pre-cell phone years.  Of course, back then you could find a pay phone if you really needed to reach someone.  Also, back then I actually knew all of my friend's and family's phone numbers.  Now the only phone numbers I know by heart are my mom's home phone and my office phone number.  I don't even know what my own home phone number is, but it is written down on a Post-It somewhere in my house.

Anyway, today I accidentally left my cell phone at home, and despite that I am sitting right next to a phone in my office, it's kind of making me nervous.  Anyone who desperately needed to reach me could and would call my office if I didn't respond on my cell phone.  Still, this is making me very uncomfortable.  Let's hope I can make it home without any mishaps. 


  1. My job is basically an "on call" position, so I have to be attached to my phone 24-7 until I hit my days off. And so sometimes, on my days off, I like to leave my phone at home for hours because it feels really freeing to know that NO ONE can reach me.

  2. Wow, I don't know how you do it, but I guess every job out there requires some sacrifice. I'm with you on it being nice to get away from it.

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