Friday, March 25, 2011

One of The Coolest Streets In Chicago - West Menomonee

I love history, and I love old school streets in big cities.

Over the weekend I went for a long, long walk with one of my friends all around Lincoln Park.  We wanted some exercise, and the weather was great.  We wandered all over.  We even went to the zoo (which in my opinion is one of the most awesome zoos around, and it is free) and saw a leopard and kangaroos.  Most of the other animals weren't out yet, due to the weather, but still, the zoo was open!  I love the Lincoln Park Zoo so much.  If you are ever in Chicago around Christmas, go to the "zoo lights" at Lincoln Park Zoo.  It's great.  The entire zoo is Christmas decorated.  I don't even normally like cheesy crap like that and I think it is pretty great.   

At any rate, we were wandering around and we hit West Menomonee Street.  I had never been on this street before.  It is amazing.  Brick sidewalks, and the street itself is so narrow compared to most Chicago streets.  Totally old school.  Tons of historical type homes.  It's a short street -- about four long blocks, but it is really, really cool.  There's something about it, and I haven't seen a stretch of street like that in Chicago before.  I was all gawking at it all.  It kind of reminded me of Boston a little, because it seemed so historic.  I highly recommend a quick walk down this street if you are in Chicago if you are into this kind of thing.  It's pretty beautiful.  So, where is it?  Just west of Lincoln Park.  The actual park, not the neighborhood.  You can find it on Mapquest, just search on West Menomonee and zoom in far.  It's at the north side brink of Lincoln Park neighborhood and Old Town neighborhood. 

I love finding new things in the city where I live.   

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