Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Thoughts on March 31

1.  You know how you have that friend, that you've been friends with forever, that knows everything about you?  My friend, C, who I have been friends with since I was 10 years old, texted me on March 23, wishing me Happy Birthday to my dad.  (Who is no longer alive.)  I was really touched.  She is awesome.  But, she owed me, because when we were hanging out when I was in Detroit, I reminded her that her mom's birthday was That Very Day (February 4), and she had forgotten, and immediately called her, and called her husband and ordered him to have her son call Grandma and wish her Happy Birthday.  She was like, "Oh my God!  Thank God I saw you tonight!  You are the only one who would've remembered that!"  When you meet a friend as kids, you tend to learn their parents' birthdays!  I'm pretty sure she's my only friend that I know her parents' birthdays.  We will truly be friends forever.  Even when we go a month or so without talking, it's like not a day has gone by when we do talk.  I miss her, and wish we lived closer so I could see her more often.

2.  Gymboree sent me a 20% off coupon, so I went to buy some clothes for my nephew.  Unfortunately, I wasn't wild about their lines for spring -- or at least what they had in the store near me.  So, I left with only one outfit for him.  I'll see him over Easter, yay!  This was my first visit to Gymbo since I bought him stuff for his birthday in November.  At that time, I looked over with glee at all the girls' clothes, anticipating the damage I was going to do for my new niece.  This time it was really hard to see all those cute little pink and purple outfits on the right side of the store, that I should've been buying for my niece.  I was crying when I walked home, and probably looked like a lunatic.  Oh well, I couldn't help it.  I'm just angry now that she died. 

3.  Apparently Snooki, Pauly D, Situation, and J-Woww are holding out on signing their contracts for Season 4 of Jersey Shore in Italy.  They obviously want more money.  I would love to see MTV tell them to screw off and hire four new people to go to Italy.  Now, that would be interesting.  Maybe it makes me a bad person, but it makes me sick to see them making -- well, they made $30K per episode in Season 2 and 3, so that's $720,000 -- a ton of money for hanging out in a house for two months, getting drunk, hooking up, and partying.  And that doesn't even include appearance fees and all the other deals they've gotten.  I'm playing the violin for them right now, really.  Although MTV has made a ton of money off them, I'm of the opinion that MTV could hire an entirely new cast and still get the ratings.  It's boring at this point to watch how big their heads have all gotten with the fame, and watching girls/guys fall all over them to hook up, when that wasn't the case at all when they were unknown in Season 1.  A new cast of unknowns would be nice, and bring back what made the first season so hilarious.  At any rate, once their time on the show is done, you won't hear from any of them again, except possibly Pauly D, who seems to have the DJ thing going pretty well, given his contract with The Palms in Vegas.  God, why do I know so much about this show?

4.  I try to go on vacation with my mom at least every other year.  We didn't go last year because she had just retired and was figuring out her finances and was busy with all that.  (She refuses to let me pay.  It drives me insane, but I've found that if I book hotel rooms online they charge my card and we can't change the card, so OOPS!)  I go wherever she wants to go, usually.  I figure she's getting older, so let's see what she wants to see while she still can do it.  We've been to France, England, Spain, all around Colorado and Utah, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Los Angeles area, NYC, Cape Cod, and Boston.  (My mom likes it "out west.")  This year we are going to do the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore, where I have never been.  My mom hasn't been there since she was a kid.  We're going to jump into my new car and take a road trip!  My aunt (my mom's sister) will hopefully join us as well.  My sisters and cousins tell me I'm crazy, but I tell them "They won't be here forever, so as much as they drive me crazy, I don't want to ever regret not spending this time with them!"  Since my mom is retired, I have given her the task of planning out the trip.  (I have planned it all out in the past.)   

5.  I've recently realized that I don't like kids unless they are related to me.  They are either too slow or too fast.  Kids have no "regular" speed.  They are either purposely walking slow or running.  No in between.  They are also loud and their voices are squeaky.  I don't find them cute.  (Well, occasionally I see a kid who I think is cute, but for the most part, I'm just annoyed with them.)  I don't think this makes me a terrible person.         


  1. My friend Angie in Florida is like that. Been friends since the 3rd grade. I miss her so much! Your dad's birthday is the same as mine!

    That road trip sounds fantastic! Truly!

  2. You have a great birthday date! :)

    The road trip will be fun. I don't mind road tripping with my mom as long as I'm driving. Her driving drives me crazy. Luckily we are doing it in September/October timeframe, so any sort of government shutdown will not affect us, going to the National Parks and all. (At least I can't imagine it would go on that long!)