Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Thoughts on March 9

1.  I just looked over and my Christmas wreath is still up on the inside of my front door.  Oops.

2.  I wore a coat to work today that I bought at Fashion Bug in around 1998.  I've always liked this coat (it's red and wool and cut nice), so it didn't occur to me how old it was until I really thought about it.  I think it's time for it to be given away.  I don't need to keep things this long.

3.  I'm ready to quit smoking.  I've hit that point.  I'm seeing my doctor Monday for my yearly physical, and am going to ask her for that drug (can't remember the name) that supposedly helps you quit.  I can go without and rely on Nicorette for about two days, but by day three I'm dying and always break down and have a cigarette.  This has happened multiple times over the past few months as I've tried to quit on my own.  I need something stronger, because I do not have the willpower on my own.  This is also why I've never tried cocaine, meth, LSD, heroin, or crack.  I'd be a mess within weeks.

4.  I cannot believe Rahm Emmanuel is going to be the Mayor of Chicago.  This is going to be interesting.

5.  I'm so glad the Oscars are over, because if I have to hear one more thing about Natalie Portman and her baby and her (womanizing, hope she knows what she got into) love, I will puke.  I certainly wish her the best, but enough is enough.

6.  Speaking of the Oscars, while I'm thrilled for Colin Firth, I was kind of hoping for a Jesse Eisenberg upset.  I know it would've never happened, but I thought he was amazing in The Social Network.  I watched it On Demand a few days before the Oscars, not expecting to like it, but I did.  And he was awesome.  I can't imagine anyone else pulling it off like he did.  I've liked him since Roger Dodger (with Cambell Scott, one of my favorite actors), and hope to see great things from him in the future.  Andrew Garfield was great as well.  All in all, great performances from everyone in that movie, even Justin Timberlake.  I still need to watch The King's Speech and Black Swan.

7.  Speaking of Justin Timberlake, I was thinking the other day about what a hat trick he's pulled.  Mickey Mouse Club to boy band to successful solo singing career to fairly successful already with a lot of potential in the future acting career.  Think about how many people have tried and failed from one step to the next of his career trail.  Bobby Brown and Ricky Martin are the only ex-boy band members I can think of who truly had a successful solo career -- or at least one really successful album.  None of the New Kids did it, none of the Backstreet Boys did it, etc.  And how many singers try to act and fail?  Good for him.  I always liked him for some reason -- maybe because of his ability to laugh at himself.  He's one of the best SNL hosts ever.

8.  Jersey Shore has been reduced to showing us their clogged toilet.  Seriously.  These kids are too famous to even go out normally or do anything normally, and every hookup they get (with maybe the exception of Pauly D) is solely due to their fame.  Get a new cast.  That way, the current cast will be over their fifteen minutes of fame within six months after the next season (which is taking place in Italy) has aired and we won't have to hear about them anymore.  Can you believe Rolling Stone put Snooki on the cover?  What a totally loser magazine that one has become. 

9.   Huffington Post had this story about Lady Gaga talking about living with roaches and doing cocaine and living this tragic life before she got famous.  I don't buy it.  She went to NYU.  She grew up middle/upper class.  Now she's milking her image, ignoring that when she was Stefanie trying to make it she failed, but once Lady Gaga and all of that craziness came out she succeeded.  This feels like rewriting history to me, to make her seem all the more edgy.  I don't think she's particularly edgy, just pathetic at this point.  Also, if she's publicly admitting to doing cocaine in interviews, why hasn't she been arrested?  It's still against the law, isn't it? 

10.  I never really understood the thrill about cashmere because I've never owned anything cashmere.  Too expensive.  When I was in Las Vegas in December, I bought a cashmere scarf from Burberry.  (Note to self:  use tax for Illinois.)  I've been wearing it  It is so soft and so warm.  I never want to take it off!  What's funny is that I bought my mom one, too, and she told me the same thing out of the blue.  (We never had cashmere when I was growing up.)  I guess I get it now.          


  1. I believe you're thinking of Chantix. Worked for me, but some people get weird dreams.

    Why on earth would you get rid of a coat you like, that you can still wear (which I assume means it's still in good condition), that isn't out of style??? That's just crazy rich-person talk. ;)

  2. I wrote a post about my experience with Chantix. I urge you to take it for the full 3 months! As soon as I met my bf 2 months later, I picked cigarettes up again! The stuff is a miracle! Good luck!

  3. Now I'm battling with my insurance company to pay for the Chantix. First they had to call my doctor to get permission. Um...hello...she WROTE THE PRESCRIPTION! Now it is apparently in the Walgreen's black hole. I'm going to follow up on this and call them if I have to. Wouldn't you think they would want me to quit smoking? They approved the high blood pressure medicine, but not the quit smoking medicine? Ugh.