Friday, April 15, 2011

Maybe Chicago Is Looking Out for Me

When I bought my townhouse in August 2009, I had numerous people telling me to remember to claim the homeowner's exemption.  I know, I know.  I tried, once, and it was already claimed, from the previous owner.  Then I forgot about it for awhile, and apparently lapsed the time to do it online.  I had to call or go in to claim it

Really.  Like I'm going to call or go somewhere.  Are you crazy?  This is the Internet Age!

Yes, I'm an idiot.  I never did it.  I was way too lazy.

I've tried, since, but I always get the "you need to call us or come in" response, and I've never really gathered up enough energy to do it.  I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to calling up the government.  I tried to call once, but I got put on hold for about twenty minutes, so I hung up.  That did not really make me want to call again.

These are all just excuses.  I just never did it.

So, imagine my surprise when I got a letter today that basically said this:

"Hey, idiot!  You can claim the Homeowner's Exemption, but you never bothered to apply!  Fill out this form or go to this website, and you are set."

Homeowner's exemption, here I come.  Apparently the web is open for business.  And thanks, Chicago, for pointing out my stupidity, for once.

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