Friday, April 29, 2011

Scamming Cabbies in Chicago

Many cab drivers in Chicago want to take you all over town before they take you to your destination.

The scammers will ask you "Which way do you want to go?"

Most tourists have no idea.  They say "Take me the fastest way!"  Trust me, many cabbies will take them all over before their destination. 

If you live here and know the way, you tell them the way. 

Then they try to tell you that it will be faster to go another way.

Stick to your route.

They try to make you feel like an idiot, like your route is bad.  But, if you live here and know the traffic, you know your route is good.

I just had a jackass taxi driver, who got no tip by the way, because he took me all over town and ignored the route I told him to go.  Fuck him.  I told him exactly how to get to my place, and he went another way.  So, no tip.  It took a long time, and when I said "You didn't follow my route" he said "my route was faster" and I said "I don't think so."  And, no tip.  His route was not faster.  If he would've taken me the route I told him, he would've gotten a huge tip.  Dumbass. 

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