Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes a Husband Would Be Nice...

Because then I could send him out to replace the lightbulb in my garage door opener.

When I got home Sunday, I noticed two things:  one, that my garage door opener light was no longer working, and two, that my neighbors had installed a new light in their garage door.  Let me explain.  In my townhouse complex of twelve units, I share what is essentially a four car garage with two garage doors.  Four units have one spot each in this garage.  We enter (walking) through one door.  There are two lights, one above my garage area (one double garage door), and one above my neighbor's garage area (another double garage door).  I also have a light on my garage door opener.  This comes in handy when I pull into the garage in the dead of night, because the light stays on for five or so minutes after opening the garage door, and then it goes out on its own.  I also have a light switch by the walking door entrance that I can turn on a lightbulb in the general vicinity of my garage door.  Does this make sense?

So, the lightbulb is still working, but the garage door opener light has gone out.  It's odd that the neighbors have this new great light, and mine is now not working.  Is there a connection?  Hmmm....  My hope is that it is just the bulb.  Anything more than that and I will have to call for reinforcements.  Anyway, this means that when I pull into the garage and shut the garage door, I am sitting in pitch black other than my headlights.  Now, clearly I can get out of my car, leave the headlights on, walk past two cars, and flick the switch, then go back to my car, shut off the headlights, and unload.  That's fine, but it's a huge pain.

So, the garage door opener light needs to be replaced.  My neighbor who I share my half of the garage with never uses their spot (which is fine with me), so this is all on me.  In any normal suburban world, this would be easy.  This is not easy in Chicago.  My garage is off an alley, and the garage door opener light is nearly right above where I park my car.  So, I must do the following:  (1) get my car out of the garage and drive it around to the street and park it; (2) walk around to the garage, get a ladder and try to figure out how to get the plastic thing off the garage door opener; (3) figure out what kind of bulb I need; (4) go to the store and get the bulb; (5) park my car in the street again; (6) get a ladder and replace the bulb; (7) drive my car around the block to place my car back in the garage.  This sounds like a massive, massive pain in the ass to me.  If I had a husband, all of this nonsense would be his job.

Eventually I will take care of this.  Oh, the joys of owning a home as a single woman.    


  1. Instead of parking in the street, why don't you ask the neighbor who never uses his parking spot if you can park there while you fix it? It'll at least save you looking for a spot and some walking.

  2. I was also going to suggest parking in the other, unused spot while you change the bulb.

  3. They've got a bunch of stuff in their spot, and with the placement of the GDO and the light, it won't work. So, car has to be moved and all that...