Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I Have Enough of To Last Me Forever

Well, pretty much, anyway.

When you really start gung ho spring cleaning every room, every drawer, and everything else, it can quickly become apparent that there are things you buy that add up and add up and add up...and you don't really notice.  Such as:

1.  Eyeshadow.  I haven't counted the number exactly, but I have probably over 100 jars of loose eyeshadow in my bathroom, in many varying brands.  How did it come to this?  Thank God eyeshadow lasts for a very long time.  And usually I wear the same three or four colors.  I need to start branching out in the morning.

2.  Books.  Dear God, I have so many books.  And the Border's near me is closing, so I've been taking advantage of that.  I've bought about twenty more in the past two weeks, for a total of around $100.  (And I might go back again, since they are closing in a little over a week, and when I was there Monday they still had a ton of great books.)  I just love books.  I've always loved books.  Reading on my iPad is nice, but there is nothing like a book.  People come to my house, and would almost rather peruse my books than talk to me.  It's okay, I understand. 

3.  Coats.  I have eight coats set aside for donation, yet I still have a ridiculous amount in my closet.  Why is it so hard to get rid of coats?  Why must I have short coats, mid coats, long coats, wool coats, ski coats, spring coats, rain coats, topcoats, dusters, leather coats....ugh.  And I bought a new super cute hot pink raincoat last week.  Oops. 

4.  Batteries.  It wasn't until I went through my kitchen and buffet "junk drawers" that I realized I have so many packs of AA and AAA batteries.  I buy them whenever I see them because I'm so afraid of running out.  Now I have way, way too many. 

5.  Lotion.  Why do I keep buying lotion?  I have so much lotion.  But it smells so good, and The Body Shop or Bath and Bodyworks puts them on sale and I buy more.  And I get a ton of this kind of stuff as gifts.  So, a crazy amount of lotion.  I will never in my entire life need this much lotion.

6.  Lipstick.  I'm a sucker for lipstick.  I love lipstick and I keep buying it.  When I get my Ulta "you spent this much so you get a Level 1 free gift" coupon, I buy lipstick.  Also, one of my friends works for Mary Kay, so she is always giving me lipstick.  I have too many lipsticks.

7.  Perfume samples.  I always choose perfume when I get free samples from Ulta or Sephora.  I like the sample size for travel and to try out new scents.  However.  I have about 50 of them now, and some of them probably stink because they are old.  It's totally out of control.

8.  Electronics cables/cords/chargers.  I have cable TV cables, laptop cables/chargers, phone cords, ethernet cables, cell phone cables/ entire medium sized moving box FULL.  I don't know where these came from.  It's like every single cable that has ever come with any electronic device I have ever bought in my entire life is still in my house.  But what if I need it is the barrier here.  Trust me, a lot of this is going to go.  Soon.  I don't need the Blackberry phone cables or the old laptop cables, that much I know for sure.  I'm also pretty sure I don't need any more than one ethernet cable.  It did come in handy once when my sister was here, though, because she forgot her phone charger, and I actually had one that worked with her phone.

9.  Turtlenecks.  I've decided that my predominant winter wardrobe cannot consist of turtlenecks and skirts/pants/jeans.  So, a bunch of these are on their way out the door.

10.  Instruction manuals.  I've kept every instruction manual that I've ever gotten with any device I've ever bought.  There's quite a collection.  I have never used any of them, other than a quick flip through the first time using the device.  So, I think it is probably okay to throw them away.  Or at least throw the ones away for things I no longer own.  Right?

It's truly amazing how easy you can accumulate stuff.  My car is going to see a lot of the Salvation Army parking lot in the near future.

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  1. oh man do I feel your pain. Yesterday, I cleared out all my manuals (and boxes) to gadgets I don't have anymore.
    Have a storage bin full of lotion too.