Monday, April 25, 2011

Things that Are Generally Not Mentioned By Politicians

1. You can have any health insurance plan or medical care you want if you pay for it.

2. You can live wherever you want if you pay for it.

3. Your kids can attend any school you want them to attend if you pay for it, either through tuition at private school or property taxes where you choose to live.

4. Many people in this country do not have health insurance by their own choosing. Children in low income families can get health insurance through Medicaid or SCHIP (or the state equivalent) in every state.

5. On average, lower income workers receive back more benefits than they pay into Social Security.

6. Individuals bear some responsibility for loans they take out, be it mortgage or student.

7. Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $113 billion per year.

8. If you feel you aren’t paying your fair share, and want to pay more taxes, you can do so voluntarily here as a gift to the government:, or if you specifically want your money to go to paying down the debt, go here:

9. Around half the members of Congress are millionaires, yet less than one percent of Americans are millionaires. Is this truly representation? Are they really voting for their constituents’ benefit or their own?

10. Of those defined by the Census Bureau as “poor” in America, nearly 40% own their own homes, 84% have air conditioning, nearly 2/3 have cable or satellite television, 2/3 have more than two rooms per person in their homes, nearly 3/4 own a car, and 31% own two cars, 98% have a color television, 2/3 own two or more color televisions, 82% have a microwave, 67% have a DVD player, 73% have a VCR, and 47% have a computer. Third world America? I don’t think so.


  1. love this! life really is what you make of it and don't get me started on the illegal immigration issue. I really think if we could get that under control, our budget would be on the right track.

    The exact statistics on homelessness in America is difficult to ascertain, as the precise number of people who experience homelessness keep changing. According to USA Today, in a recent estimate, about 1.6 million people lived in emergency shelters or transitional housing. Among the homeless population, the number of homeless families with children is the fastest growing section.
    It's no kind of life. Positive thinking is awesome, but this country really is in trouble. Look at heartbreaking photos of homeless in America here:
    A photo essay by Tom Stone.
    While you view these images of the homeless, put yourself in their place.

    Immigration isn't the largest problem.
    It's trafficking in people, ID theft, and mortgage fraud.
    Through foreclosure fraud people who never missed a payment lost their homes, and corrupt public officials let it happen.
    "The petition included a slew of affidavits and appendices from other foreclosure defense attorneys alleging the "rocket docket" judges of ignoring requirements for properly attached paperwork from the banks and denying delinquent borrowers a say in court."