Friday, May 6, 2011

Can American Apparel Avoid Bankruptcy?

American Apparel has been warning that it might have to file for bankruptcy.  The first line of the linked article states:
American Apparel is losing its appeal among young urban shoppers.
I can't imagine why: 


The "Vintage" section of the American Apparel website is truly an assault on the eyes.  I feel like I'm looking at a J.C. Penney's catalog from 1988.  While the 80s have come back (unfortunately), I can't imagine the younger crowd is going to embrace high waisted pants and the schoolmarm look.  It's one thing to bring the 80s back with a twist and in an updated manner.  It's another thing to simply copy it entirely.  The above is the latter, not the former.     

However, when I was out last night, I saw an early 20s girl wearing red high waisted elastic waist cotton pants (not vintage) with a button down shirt tucked in, and she was doing so in a completely serious, "I'm trying to be trendy" manner.  (This wasn't just a poor soul with no fashion sense.)  Maybe it's because I lived through the 80s and have already been there done that, but I can't see anything remotely attractive about that look.  I wish I would've taken a picture.  My friend and I couldn't stop staring and giggling.  (I know, we are immature.)  She was a cute girl, but the pants were so unattractive.  They would've looked bad on Giselle.     

American Apparel doesn't need new financial advisors -- they need a new fashion designer/buyer.

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  1. Omg I hadn't seen their "vintage" stuff yet. This trend of looking like an old lady with no style if baffling to me. It's everything I avoided in the 80s. This new thing is so white trash!
    There's an AA store close by and I've popped in a few times looking for a specific color tee or tank. The stuff is way too overpriced for the quality.