Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Wasn't Lying About the Wildings

Oh, look at this.  CBS has picked up on the violence in our main tourist area, here in Chicago:  Police Step Up Patrols After Lakefront, Downtown Mob Attacks.  No one else has, but CBS is a start.

Just a bit from the article:
Sources say in the past three weeks, there have been more than 35 arrests for wilding and flash mob attacks.
And not a word about this in the mainstream media, until now.  I don't know, but 35 arrests seems like a lot to me for a three week period, particularly in the main tourist area of Chicago.  Surprising that we haven't heard anything about this.
Sources say the lakefront has been targeted by large groups of teens, carrying out wilding incidents. Two people riding bikes on the path at North Avenue Beach were recently surrounded by about 100 teens.
Both were knocked off their bikes, then thrown into Lake Michigan.
WTF?  Be wary if you want to ride your bike down the nice bikepaths we have along the lake, I guess.  You might get mobbed and thrown into the lake.  Probably their bikes were stolen also.
The same thing happened to a person who was walking along Navy Pier. The pier was shut down for a few hours after the incident, and a Navy Pier spokesman claims the incident never happened.
Um...Navy Fucking Pier was shut down, and there was no news about that?  Navy Pier, one of the top tourist destinations in Chicago?  Who is right?  The "spokesman" who said it never happened (much like at the McDonald's at Chicago and State?) or the report?  Did Navy Pier in fact shut down?  Surely someone knows.

I don't know who to believe anymore, but after spending a few evenings down in River North, I can say that there are a lot more "questionable" people walking around.  What is surprising is that no cell phone cameras have caught any of this and gone viral, although, maybe people record things and don't upload them.  All I know is that the silence surrounding this is disturbing.  Be aware and careful if you come to Chicago, that's all I have to say.

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