Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Thoughts on May 22

1.  Once again, Justin Timberlake stole the show on the season finale of SNL last night.  Lady Gaga was there also, and she was all right, and participated in three sketches.  She was okay, but again, she never looks like she is having any fun.  Justin Timberlake takes on every sketch with gusto, and is probably the best host standing right now.  I was never a fan of his, but his ability to make fun of himself and just go for it on SNL has made me a huge, huge fan.  He's awesome.  I couldn't stop laughing at him in the Liquorville sketch last night.  I hope he wins an Academy Award someday.

2.  Speaking of boy bands, I'm going to the Backstreet Boys/New Kids on the Block concert on Wednesday night.  Some of my friends went on the cruise a couple weekends ago and got free tickets to the Chicago show, and since they are already going to like three other shows, they have given me their free tickets.  Hurray!  So, I am gathering girls (much harder than you might think, for this particular show), and we are going.  I saw them live back when they first started the reunion tour, and on the one cruise I went on (out of pure peer pressure), and say what you want about the NKOTB, but they put on a damn good live show.  It also helps that I know the words to every single fucking song.  What happened to me?  Oh well, I'm excited.  It's always good for people watching, at any rate.  And I really love the BSB "Larger Than Life" so I'm kind of looking forward to hearing that live.   

3.  I took a full carload of crap to Salvation Army today (Goodbye all of my VHS tapes!), and still feel like I haven't made a dent in all the things I need to just let go.  (No, the Cabbage Patch Kids are still here!)  It's really weird how you feel like you've gotten rid of a lot, and then when you look at all your stuff it seems as if no dent has been made. 

4.  Drain flies are back.  Not a ton, but Jesus Christ.  Maybe the bathroom remodels will take care of this, when the plumbers get in here.  If not, I don't know what to do.  I'm stumped as to where they are coming from, after checking and taping all of my drains last year and having my sump checked.  I'm convinced they are getting in from outside somehow, and not through my drains.  But where?  And how?  Ugh. 

5.  I thought I could go to Menard's and find a "Garage Door Opener" lightbulb, because on the Internet, there were a lot of specially labelled "garage door opener lightbulbs."  You have to get a special one that can handle the shock of the opening and closing and whatever.  (I mean, who knew?)  They did not have anything labelled as such in the four aisles of lightbulbs at Menard's, and the worker there seemed to think I was crazy.  But I swear I saw them on the Internet.  So, I will either order off the Internet, or just suck it up and take the cover off and see what I need.  For now, I have a flashlight in my car.  I am resourceful, if anything.  And it hasn't been a huge issue, since I only drive my car about once a week.  And if you can't tell, I really don't want to deal with this.  Maybe I should just call a handyman company and tell them I want them to do this for me.  I wonder how much that would cost.  I have, however, determined that if I really push my car over to the far left, that I can leave it in the garage and still change the bulb, so that makes life a little easier.

6.    The French Open has started!  Yay!  Federer is the underdog, but you can't count him out.  I'd like to see him blow past Nadal and Djkovic.  There are no women from the U.S. in the draw that anyone has ever heard of.  It's kind of ridiculous how everyone pulls out of Roland Garros because its on clay because of supposed injuries, when you know they are all just getting their game ready for Wimbledon.  You'd think that wouldn't be allowed, but tennis is weird.

7.    My asshole neighbor who has had his place up for sale for the past year or so and was under contract (yay!) had the contract fall through (boo!) because the appraisal came out too low.  This also happened to another of my friends.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't market rate be what someone is willing to pay?  I had to get two appraisals when I bought my place for the same reason, because they brought up a guy who lived in northern Indiana the first time who had no fucking idea about the neighborhood and location to do the appraisal.  It seems to me that the housing market may be suffering not due to people wanting to buy or not being able to buy, but to appraisals that aren't reflecting the market price (i.e. what people are willing to pay, within reason) of the house.

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