Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I Have Been Considering Doing

I'm on a "Things" roll, apparently.

1.  I may take the lead from Up in the Air, and start actually posting what I wear to work each day.  I'm in a total rut.  I have a closet full, full of beautiful clothes, yet I always reach for the same damn black pencil skirt and blazer or the same damn dresses.  I also never change out my purses anymore, and generally stick to the same old shoes, even though I have a ton of great shoes to wear and a ton of great purses to carry.  I feel like if I have the pressure of actually having to report what I'm wearing, it may force me to branch out and make an effort, because I know I will be judged.  (Ha ha...)  My camera is a little old, so I've ordered a new one with my Sony rewards points, so once that gets here, I'll see how clearly I can take pics of myself in my full length mirror and go from there.  I think this might be a good thing for me.

2.   I absolutely have to get involved with something artsy here in Chicago.  I just can't decide between the Art Institute, the Library, the film stuff, the theatre (and if so, which theatre?), the opera...ugh.  I love it all.  But I can't do it all.  I have to choose. 

3.  Getting rid of some of my massive book collection.  This may not happen, but I am considering it.

4.  Clearing out my box o' cords.  This is definitely happening this weekend.  I do not need chargers for phones I don't have, and I do not need ten cable cords.  Hopefully someone at Salvation Army can deal with this.

5.  Trying to figure out what to do with the 10 cans of paint the previous owner left here.  I do not need them, and per the Internetz, you can't just toss paint in the garbage.  Thanks, previous owner. 

6.  Buying some "put together" furniture for my roof deck.  It's a roof deck in the sense that it is on top of my garage, behind my house.  I am sandwiched in between two other units, and have a spiral staircase up to it.  It's not bad, except when you want to get furniture up there, because the access is a bit lacking.  Also, patio furniture is ridiculously expensive.  I never realized this.  So, my best option is to buy cheaper stuff that gets shipped to me in a box and left on my doorstep, that I then have to carry in little by little as I break open the box and pull the pieces out (because I probably can't drag a 100 or 200 lb box into my house), and then take the pieces up to my deck and put them together up there until voila my deck looks great.  Ugh.  Or, I pay a helluva  lot of money to have some dudes put it all together and carry it up there for me. I think I'm going for the former, but I also think I am going to wait until the end of the summer to hopefully get some sale prices.  I'm spending enough on the inside of my house this year -- deck furniture can wait.  So, in October or so you may hear me bitching about putting together deck furniture in the freezing cold.  Que sera, sera.


  1. All those purses and you're not changing them out? You are in a rut! I'd love to see your outfits! Are you worried about your anonymity?

    The paint can just be donated to Goodwill or a high school for plays and art classes.

    Omg the deck furniture ordeal sounds insane. Have you considered some cute folding chairs and tables you can just put a cushion on? That would be way easier and there are good options out there.

  2. I would also love to see your outfit photos, mostly so I can drool over your Louboutins.

    I vote for the Art Institute only because when I lived in Aurora, I used to take the train into the city every Tuesday in the summer (free admission!), so it is near & dear to my heart!

  3. My purse problem is that I bought the LV Tivoli in December 2008 (the last purse I bought -- wow), and it is perfect for me. It matches everything and is the right size, and still looks amazing. (Thanks to Apple Guard -- that is what you need for LV.) So, I'm not as motivated to switch out on a daily basis. Like, I can't believe I never used my Fendi all winter, when I do love that purse. I have, however, recently switched out to my black Versace, although it is more of a winter purse, so I'm going to have to switch out again soon. (I switched out to go out a few weeks ago, and have been tailoring my wardrobe to go with the black, but now that summer seems to be here, I need to switch it out again, I think.)

    The anonymity is the issue with photos. I can probably cut off my head, but that might look like the headless horsewoman modeling clothing. Or I could lay out my clothes, as if the rapture captured me, but again, that is strange. I'll have to figure it out once I get my new camera.

    I didn't realize you could donate paint to Goodwill. Good to know!

    I'm looking for folding type tables, believe me. They aren't easy to find. (I got a catalog with the perfect set, but when I went to order, it was gone. Ugh! Maybe next year.) I want something somewhat sturdy and nice looking. It's kind of crazy, my deck situation, but welcome to the city. Everyone has roof deck issues, since they are generally harder to access.

    FAE, the Art Institute is awesome. There's just so much to choose from around here, although the Art Institute does have really cool member cocktail parties and such. Maybe that's what I need.