Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things Used to Be Much Easier

I feel like I spend half my life updating, syncing, backing up, uploading, and downloading.  The iPhone and iPad alone create a ton of work.  I have to transfer purchases from both to my computer, constantly make sure everything is synced, and constantly download App updates.  Then there are all the virus scans, software updates, and back ups to make sure I don't lose my entire music collection, photos, videos, and all that business from my computer.  My camera card contents have to be uploaded to my computer.  Everything has to be uploaded, downloaded, or synced.  (Am I spelling that right?  It looks wrong, but I'm too lazy to go over to right now.)

It can really be exhausting at times.  While I love the ease of much of today's technology, it's somewhat of a pain in the ass to make sure you are doing it all right and keeping everything up to date and in check.  It would be horror if my hard drive crashed, even though I do have it backed up.  Pretty much.  Every few months or so it occurs to me that I should copy everything over to my external drive.  So, I do it.  But if you've ever accidentally clicked on a trojan or other virus and seen your entire computer shut down -- that is horror.  And I'm careful about things!  I honestly can't believe my mom hasn't run into issues yet, but I make sure her Anti-Virus is up to date.

Yes, right now I am syncing my iPad, downloading the new software for my iPad, and running a full scan and disk defrag on my computer.  It's taking forever.  And annoying me.  Maybe this should've gone in my last post.     


  1. Someday all that will be automatic and wireless. When you're an old, old woman, little kids will come and ask for stories about the "olden days" when you had to do all that with(gasp!) wires! ;)

    And both "sync" and "synch" are correct. Apparently "synch" is slowly becoming more common.

  2. I hate updates. I feel like I am constantly updated my iTunes to version And it takes forever.

  3. "The Cloud" makes me nervous. I like to have ownership of my things, right on a hard drive in my possession. And God, I will be able to tell the kiddies about the days before even wireless Internet. And before iPods, when we had to drag out CDs around with us in the car. Crazy!

    Thanks for the sync/synch info!

    And seriously FAE, iTunes is the worst. Constant updates. It drives me nuts.