Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bathroom(s) Remodeling Project

I think I've mentioned that I am remodeling all three of my bathrooms.  The term might be "remaking," but I am basically pulling everything out (tile, vanity, toilet, tub, shower in the basement), and replacing it all.  This is a huge job, but the bathrooms are 1980s original to the building of this joint, and it needs to be done.  I've hired a great, well reviewed, contractor (who did work on Obama's house here in Chicago), so, hopefully it won't be too much of a pain, other than for the three to four weeks that this will be happening.  They are also painting practically my entire townhouse (I have some super high ceilings, so I can't do a lot of it myself without scaffolding and stuff) and tearing out a couple of closets in the basement.  (Can you believe I am removing closets?  Yes, I am.  One is oddly shaped, so basically useless, and there are a ridiculous amount of closets and storage in this place anyway, so I'd rather have the extra square footage down there for an office area.)

What this means is I've had to design my new bathrooms.  I am not a designer.  I know what I like and what I don't like as far as looks go.  Generally, I think I have good taste -- at least when I've had people over they've complimented things such as my furniture, rugs, paintings, etc.  Or at least decent taste.  I'm not a person who has to think about it a lot or mull over faucets and tile and stuff.  However, this is really hard.  I've never done this before, and I've never given much thought to it, nor did I even realize how many different kinds of faucets, tubs, and toilets exist.  What kind of shower head is best?  What kind of faucet, the separate for left and right, or the single spigot that swings back and forth?  What kind of tile, trim, glass?  (The tile choices are utterly overwhelming these days -- stone, porcelain, glass, in all different colors and designs.)  What kind of toilet?  I mean, seriously?  I have to decide all of this?

So, I did.  Quickly.  I work fast.  I'm not planning on moving anytime soon, so I'm doing this more for myself than for any sort of resale type thing, but I still have to consider that.  Luckily I lean toward more neutral things for bathrooms.

Here's what I'm doing:

Master Bath:  Silver travertine 12" x 12" tile (it has some beige in it and also some blue, along with the silver, which is more of a kind of metallic gray) floor and wall surrounding tub; 3" glass tile trim around the 3/4 high point of the tub and covering the front of the tub (I got a tub with the tile on the front) that is clear, dark gray, light gray, and dark blue long staggered strips; dual flush white toilet (same for all baths).  I have to pick out the vanity finish on Saturday, but I'm thinking either dark brown or maybe dark cherry, depending on the options.  I also have to pick the vanity top, which will be stone of some kind, and probably a light gray.  Sink will be white undermount.  The medicine cabinet will be the main mirror, inset with shelves, and it folds out and there is a mirror on the inside also.  (Very cool).  Nickel faucet with two thinner square handles (this was a splurge, but it is so cool!).  The bath faucets and shower head is also nickel.  I was told that most shower/bath controls now are the circle single control, as opposed to the old dual faucet, so I went with that design for all three baths.  I went with the rain shower.  Towel bars also to match the faucets.   

Second Upstairs Bath:  Porcelain cement look light beige finish 12" x 18" tile floor and wall surrounding the tub (the porcelain options these days are amazing and very cheap); 3" dark brown glass trim around the 3/4 high point of the tub (this was $49.99 a sq ft -- ridiculous, but awesome, and okay since I didn't need much); dark brown vanity with white ceramic sink/counter that is all in one.  (It looks cool).   Silver single handle thick faucet, silver faucets and stuff for the tub.  Same medicine cabinet as the master.  Silver towel holders that match the faucets.  I went with the rain shower.

Basement:  This was my place to get crazy, and is also my main bath used when people come over since I don't have a bath on the main floor.  I went with autumn slate 12"x12" for the floor and shower walls, a subway tile size for the shower base.  Going with slate might be a dated move, but I love slate.  Every time I see a bathroom all done up with slate I squeal.  So, I'm going to have one in my house!  It's a lighter slate (since it's a small space), but has the different colors of your standard slate.  I also got a square, glass vessel sink in that turquoise color (slight splurge), and a sort of spouting silver faucet that will be either centered or off to the side.  (Maybe off to the side for something different?  This faucet was the other splurge.  It's awesome.)  I have to pick out the vanity color Saturday, and the color of the vanity top, which will be some kind of stone.  Probably light gray or beige.  Here I went with one of the showers with the rubber handle that you can swing around.  I felt like at least one bathroom needed one of those.  All silver, as are the towel bars and toilet paper holders and such.

I still need to pick lights and paint, but that shouldn't be too difficult.  I hope.  Ugh, I just hope it all looks good.  I think it will.  I'll post pics when it is all done, hopefully by late July.  I'm super excited, but just crossing my fingers that nothing goes terribly wrong.  

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  1. I can't wait to see pics! It all sounds awesome! The basement bath with that sink is going to be gorgeous! (Slate is my fave too!)