Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Medicaid Recipients Who Used to Go to Planned Parenthood Have Other Options

I just have to vent about this whole Planned Parenthood in Indiana is not accepting Medicaid patients anymore issue, due to no more federal funding.

Oh, what a drama!  The GOP hates women!  How can the government do this to us!  The sky is falling!

The big argument is that Planned Parenthood provides pap smears and mammograms and STD tests, and such a small part of their business is abortions, and that is not covered by federal funding, so all of these low income women are being denied their paps and mammograms because now they don't have the funding to accept Medicaid patients.

But is it really about paps and mammograms and STD tests?

You can run a search in Indiana to find out how many OB/GYNs accept Medicaid, and there are quite a lot.  Hundreds across the state.  There are also free health clinics in Indiana that offer OB/GYN services.  There are, in fact, a lot of places that Medicaid and other low income women can go to get their pap or mammogram.  They also, I suspect, can get STD tests and other typical OB/GYN services.   In short, these women aren't without options.  Maybe they would rather go to PP.  Hell, my healthcare plan -- that I pay for -- doesn't allow me to go anywhere I want.  My doctor has to be within the network.  Well, for Medicaid patients, PP is now out of network, so you have to find another doctor.

Am I missing something, or why is this such a big deal if it is truly all about paps, mammograms, and STD testing?  Just find a new doctor, right?  There are apparently plenty of them across the state.

The news articles make it seem as though all of these women are going to be completely without any options, but that is not the case at all.  I personally don't think the federal government should be funding PP at all.  Where in the hell is that in the Constitution?  Cut it off.  We are in an economic crisis.  Cut. It. Off.  There are other options.

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