Friday, August 26, 2011

Update Number Two on Furniture: Pottery Barn Explosion

Yes, Pottery Barn.  What can I say?  I love their stuff.  And while there, I learned that they recently started manufacturing in North Carolina as opposed to overseas, so...go USA!   This is for the basement and my master bedroom.  I always thought I'd be the kind of person who would shop around and pick out pieces and try to put together a cool, unique, eclectic room, but the fact is...I need furniture and I don't feel like dealing with living empty for months or years while I try to pick out the perfect mix.  Pottery Barn is a nice place to go for that, and it is tons cheaper than Ethan Allen.

Since I had the closets torn out in a corner of the basement, I now have a nice office area.  (And my awesome contractor put in an outlet for me midway up the wall, so I don't have to deal with climbing behind the desk to plug in my fabulous.)  So, I went straight to the Printer's modular pieces in Artisan Black.  (Eh, I have brown upstairs, let's do some black down here.  The walls here are again Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and Plymouth Rock.)  Since I have kind of a tight turn on my basement stairs, the modular pieces are great for no worries about a wall unit getting down there:

The office is the corner desk, cabinet pedistal, file pedestal, two bookcase pedestals, and two single bookcase hutches (on either side).   

The entertainment center is the same deal, but I got the double glass pedestal, two single glass door pedestals on either side of that (for the TV), four single bookcase pedestals (two on each side - oddly, although they have a double bookcase for the top, they don't have one for the bottom), and two double bookcase hutches for atop the singles.  

In case you haven't guessed, I have a ton of books and DVDs.  I needed storage!

Then, the couch.  I got the PB Comfort Square sectional, down cushions, box cushions, with wedge, in metal gray basketweave fabric.  Apparently I am the first person on the planet to order this configuration and fabric (and you can't even get it online), so I had to wait a few days for the sku.  Anyway, here it is (this is the slipcovered version; mine is upholstered):

I always used to hate sectionals, but now I kind of like all the seating and convenience.  And this thing is so comfortable with the down cushions it is unbelievable.  It will make a nice "woman cave" for me, in which to watch NFL on the new flatscreen that I have yet to buy.  Also, it will make a nice comfy place for guests, when I have numbers exceeding my spare bedroom.

I still need to get a coffee table and end tables of some sort, some new lamps, as well as another chair or chaise or something for the area that is "bay like" on the back wall (same configuration as upstairs), but that can come later.  I obviously also need to figure out the wall decor situation.  I've decided that my accent color down here is going to be lime green.  So, it'll be gray, black, and lime green.  I like it!  (Also, big upsell fail to the gal at Pottery Barn who helped me order all this, because...duh...I forgot to get a chair for the desk.  She should've pointed that out to me, right?  I would've bought something then and there.) 

And the bedroom!  My very first actual bought at the same time bedroom set that all matches since the one my parents bought me when I was eight.  I got the Hudson set.  Headboard, dresser, and two nightstands:

It's all very exciting. 

And the best part is that I opened a Pottery Barn credit card to put this on because in your first 30 days, you get 10% back on all purchases in the form of gift certificates.  They only approved me for $10K, which I blew through very fast, but that means I get $1,000 back in which to buy some pillows for the basement, lamps, and other whatnot.  Maybe a coffee table or chair.  Or a rug for upstairs.  At any rate, I haven't opened a new credit card in years, but it was so worth it to do on a big purchase like this.  Normally I would've just put it on my AMEX.  So, keep that in mind if you need to make a big purchase at Pottery Barn! 

In case you haven't guessed, I am spewing money out of my pores this year.  The good thing is, I'm doing fine with my income (which is always a question mark), and next year I will probably spend next to nothing, since I chose to do it all in one year.  (I'm kind of like that...I just deal with things all at once, and then I'm done for awhile.  If I still write on this blog 7-10 years from now, you will see me redoing all the furniture again....maybe.  Maybe not.) 

And at least by November I'll have what I want and I can settle in and start to hoard.  (Ha ha, just kidding.)


  1. This is SO exciting... like a total home makeover.

    Down cushions? Okay, I need to look into this.
    My bff just bought a sofa from PB and they messed up something so she ended up getting an extra slipcover ($800) for free. She has 2 kids now so she's stoked.

  2. It is a total home makeover, with the exception of one bedroom and my dining room area, and the bookcases, coffee table, and end table on the main floor. I can't believe I'm doing this all at once, but heck, I haven't bought new furniture in 7 years, so I guess I'm entitled! PB has been great so far...we'll see once I get it all in. The speed at which it was available for delivery was insane.

  3. Have you gotten your couch yet? We ordered one in August and it's turned into a $4000 customer service nightmare, but we should be getting the gray basketweave in January. We would love to see some pics, assuming your transaction went a little smoother.