Friday, September 23, 2011

And Introducing...The Final Bathroom

All right, here is the basement bathroom!  I think this one is actually my favorite, because I am such a slave to slate.

Doesn't it look awesome?  I love how the slate turned out.  Slate can be kind of a crapshoot since it is stone, and every piece looks different, but the coloring on these is fabulous -- not too yellow.  And they did a great job laying the tile.  The walls are painted Winterwood by Benjamin Moore, which goes absolutely perfectly with the tile.  I could not have picked a better paint color, and am so impressed with myself.  (Ha ha.)  The toilet is the same as the other two bathrooms, the dual flush Toto.  All fixtures are chrome in this one.

Tearing out and redoing the floor of the shower cost the most, but it was worth it.  (The hideousness of the previous shower floor cannot be described.)  The slate is all from the same family of tiles, but different sizes on the floor, shower walls, and shower base. 

Check out my sweet glass sink and big old faucet set off center.  (Both semi-big splurges, but I think they work really well in here.)  The vanity is a dark cherry that matches the frame of the mirror, and the countertop is quartz, the same as in my master bathroom.

And the lights!  I also put a can light in over the shower, which I didn't specifically photograph's a can light.  If you've seen one, you've seen them all.  You can actually see it in the first photograph above.  Also, and this was a big deal, I now have a fan in this bathroom.  Although the original builder laid out all the ductwork for a fan, there was no fan.  I was pleased to know that the ductwork was already there, so it made it much easier for my contractor, but how bizarre to set it all up and then not take the final step of installing the fan.   

Anyway, the big bathroom remodel of 2011 is now happily completed.  The rest of my house is coming together also, and I'll post pictures once I get stuff semi-finalized.  Tomorrow morning I get my two chairs and ottoman from Ethan Allen, as well as my new television set for the basement from Best Buy delivered.  So, now all I am waiting on are my couch and chair pillows from Ethan Allen and my couch from Pottery Barn for the basement.  Oh, and I still need new rugs for the main floor.  It'll get there..... 

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  1. That sink and faucet are so so awesome! They really did lay the tile nicely, spacing the color so well! This has been so exciting!