Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Thoughts on September 23

1.  I'm going out with one of my old friends tomorrow night, and it's crazy how much I am looking forward to seeing her.  She and I hung out constantly when I was in law school, and then we had a falling out for reasons I don't really remember and am still confused about, and because of that we lost touch.  We hadn't talked in years (I think at least five years, maybe six), and then I ran into her on the street recently.  What are the odds of that in a city the size of Chicago?  Anyway, we were both like "What the hell happened?  Let's go out!"  Isn't it weird how that can happen?  So, we are reconnecting and going out tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited.  I've missed her so much.

2.  My secretary has vastly improved.  This could all turn out well, although it is making me realize I should've talked to her way sooner.  Score -1 for me in that department.  I hate managing people and am not good at it.

3.  The Chicago Tribune informed me today that despite the housing market and the serious drop in property values, I should expect a bigger property tax bill when they come in October because the city needs more money.  Awesome. 

4.  I constantly get requests from my undergrad school to come and talk to the female engineers about what I do, so I'm finally going to do it in October.  This is also exciting, and I think it will be fun, because even though I am bitter sometimes, I do like what I do, and am very thankful to end up where I am.  I haven't forgotten that the reason I became a patent attorney was because of an alum who had become a patent attorney who came and talked to all of us at a Society of Women Engineers event during my freshman year there, nearly twenty years ago.  Maybe I'll have the same impact on another girl.  Also, maybe I can find out who that woman was, because I would love to send her a note and tell her how much of an impact her talk had on me.  She was maybe in her thirties then, so she is probably still practicing somewhere.  SWE must have records on their speakers, even going back that far, right?  I'm going to investigate when I go out there.

5.    I finally caught up to Game of Thrones on my DVR and OH MY GOD I love this show!  I'm now reading the books and am partway through the second book.  It's been awhile since I've loved a show this much. 

6.  The season finale of True Blood was so awful and corny.  I hope Tara is dead, dead, dead, but I have a feeling they will bring her back to life somehow next season.  Maybe they should've just followed the books, because although this season started out well, it devolved into total soap opera Lifetime movie corniness, in my opinion. 

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  1. So glad you ran into your old friend. How was your night out? Everything water under the bridge now? I'm hoping to have that with an old friend of mine one of these years!