Friday, December 16, 2011

Can I Ask You a Question About Your Hair?

You're walking down the street, usually shopping bags in hand near State Street or Michigan Avenue, minding your own business, intently heading for the train or looking for a taxi, and BAM!

A seemingly friendly man stops you and asks "Can I ask you a question about your hair?"

The first time this happens, you might fall for it.  Your mind races,  you think "Oh, does my hair look good today?  Maybe he likes it!"  So, you say "Okay."

That's when he launches into a whole spiel about some salon and tries to hand you a coupon book.  In short, he is a panhandler or promoter of the worst kind and does not want to ask a question about your hair.  He just wants your money and wants you to buy coupons to a salon. 

Sometimes they will try to trick you and ask for directions like a clueless tourist before moving on to "Can I ask you a question about your hair?"  When they do this, it's easier to fall for, because you think "Oh, this person wants to know who my stylist is."  No, they don't.  They still want you to buy salon coupons.

At any rate, my response to the question now, after being tricked a couple of times into answering "Yes" and getting cornered by a book of coupons is a simple "No," and I keep right on walking. 

I don't know if these people exist anywhere but here, but beware if you visit Chicago.  If anyone wants to ask you a question about your hair, keep right on walking.