Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Thoughts on December 16

1. I looked back and cannot believe I haven't mentioned the fabulousness that is my new couch from Pottery Barn. But first, the delivery. The guy walked in, looked at the clearance for my basement stairs and shook his head. Panic set in. I measured. I gave the measurements to the salesgirl at Pottery Barn. So, I was about to explode if it didn't fit. Of course, it did after a bit of effort and wall scuffing. I joked with the guy that I guess I can never move, and he just kind of nodded. (Why does my humor go unacknowledged like this?). Anyway, the couch. Actually, it is THE COUCH. Pottery Barn comfort square sectional with wedge. Down cushions. RIDICULOUS. I would lay on this couch every day for the rest of my life if I could. It is that comfortable. Get the down cushions, people! So worth the extra cost. I will have this couch forever. It's also very big and roomy--great for lounging around.

2. My sister's baby's heart ultrasound is next week at Mott. Not a regular ultrasound, but a very special one. We'll know by next week if the new baby's heart is in good shape, which, frankly it should be if you are an odds person. What happened with L was so rare. L would be turning 1 on the 20th, so this is all very hard on my sister. I really hope this ultrasound goes smoothly.

3. I got a whole bunch of deadlines put off until next year. Yes. Opposing counsel was surprisingly agreeable to letting us all celebrate Christmas and New Year's.

4. I got nothing unique for my mom this Christmas, wrecking my streak of thinking of random stuff. She got a zebra robe and zebra slippers and some other stuff. She loves animal print, and wears a robe around her house all the time over her clothes because she sets her thermostat at around 63 to save money. And her robes are so crappy, ugly, and old that I thought I would get her a robe that is more her, if you know what I mean. I know she will like it, even though I feel lame getting her a robe.

5. Lots of positive Facebook posts from H about class and finals, and a "one semester left" thing, so as I suspected, it's possible she overreacted about her clinical instructor. I'm afraid to ask, but it seems like she is confident about passing, so that's great.

6. I don't talk much about my brother, but as much as I love him, he is so weird. He sent me a panicked text last night asking me to retrieve him an American Girl Doll from the store here for his daughter for Christmas. I texted him back that he could just buy it online, because you could not pay me enough money to set foot in that store this close to Christmas. He was amazed that you could buy them online. I was like, dude, you can buy everything online nowadays. Love him, but duh.

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  1. Thank goodness your sister is gonna pass! Still crossing fingers!
    Best wishes to your sis too! I hope her heart is healing.

  2. Thank you! We'll find out this week the situation with the baby, and I am so nervous about it. And H got the highest grade in her class on the final exam! Woo Hoo! So, that enabled her to pass the class. Apparently the teacher couldn't think of one nice thing to say about her in her final review, which I think is absurd and crazy. Some people really shouldn't be teachers.