Friday, January 27, 2012

The Demise of Demi Moore

Who didn’t see this coming?

Over the past four or five years, something happened to Demi Moore.

She got thinner and thinner, and more recently veered into "scary thin" territory. Rumors swirled about millions spent on plastic surgery, including removing the alleged fat on her knees. She just turned 49, but you wouldn’t know it from a distance. Her Ann Taylor ads were photoshopped beyond recognition. It was 25 year old Demi, not 49 year old Demi, whose face peered out from the ads in the store window. When she stood next to her daughters on the red carpet or in other event photos, she seemed less their mother than friend. Even the way she interacted with them screamed “Treat me as an equal!” She embraced Twitter, even using the handle name “mrskutcher” rather than her own name. She Tweeted photos of herself in bikinis, topless, or in other skimpy garb to her followers. She reportedly danced on tables at a bar recently, and was hanging out latenight with people in their 20s and 30s.

Something about it all seemed so desperate. Immature, even. The persona she gave off was of a woman dying to be young again. Demi Moore is a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, all beautiful women get old (as do ugly women). Some women embrace it, like Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Diane Lane, and Diane Keaton. Others, like Demi Moore, fight it every step of the way. The problem is that you can only fight it for so long. No matter how much plastic surgery or dieting you do, you will not look 25 when you are 55. You may look great, but you won’t look 25. Demi Moore appeared to be doing everything possible to make people forget how old she is. The problem is, we can’t. Her career goes back years. Remember the Demi Moore of Ghost, Indecent Proposal, and A Few Good Men? She was my favorite part of St. Elmo’s Fire, in the role of the narcissistic Jules. She is actually a decent actor, and doesn’t need to ride on her looks, but seems to think that her looks are the only thing that defines her now. It’s sad. Is it Hollywood? Is this why so many actresses resort to freezing their face so they cannot smile, plumping their lips, and stretching the skin into a garish mask in the name of a face lift?

Or was it the pressure of being married to a much younger man? I was not surprised to hear that her marriage to Ashton Kutcher ended last fall, but they did always seem happy together. I’m certainly not going to pull the double standard, because God knows many old men in Hollywood are married to much younger women, but maybe the pressure is higher for an older woman to keep a younger man. It is depressing at times to see young women in their twenties while the crows feet start to ramp up on your own face, and your once amazing complexion starts falling by the wayside. Men don’t generally care about things like that, Michael Douglas aside. Maybe Demi Moore would be better off single, or married to a man closer to her age, who appreciates the lines in her face.

TMZ is reporting that Demi has an “addiction” to Red Bull, and buys it by the case. If that isn’t weird enough, they are also reporting that the seizure was caused by doing “whip its.” Whip its? We used to buy cans of whipped cream at Farmer Jack’s when I was a kid in order to do whip its. Why is multi-millionaire Demi Moore doing whip its? My initial thought to hearing that was “How embarrassing for her.” But, then I realized that she’s been embarrassing herself for years prior to this incident. I had stopped thinking “Wow, she looks great” and started thinking “Act your age.”

The whole thing is bizarre. I wish her the best. I’d love to see her get her career on track again, and to just embrace getting older.

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  1. I agree, being with a younger man HAS to put pressure on an older woman, unlike having the sexes reversed. Kutcher was pure sleaze though and I don't think this cheating thing was his first time making her feel insecure.
    I feel really bad for her (and Halle Berry as well).

    The whip-its thing is totally ridiculous. She's obviously hanging out with people way too young for her. She should at least have the sense to sit back and not participate. Obviously depressed and looking for an escape.

    They were talking on The View and Walters said that Kutcher should've come to her side when she was in the hospital. Why? I'd throw a bedpan at him if he showed his face.