Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Thoughts on January 7, 2012

1.  Well, I have lost another niece.  My sister found out during Christmas week that her amniotic fluid was low.  The doctors sent her home to see if things would improve, and ordered her back after a week.  They couldn't wait very long, because she was at five months.  She went back and things were worse, and additionally, the placenta was torn.  The doctors believed that due to the low amniotic fluid, the baby was likely already not in good shape, and during the intervening week, my sister had not felt the baby move.  The doctors told her that the baby would likely not live another month, even if she was still alive.  So, the induced labor, and the baby was born stillborn.  And if you can believe this -- it was on the same day that my sister's daughter L died last year.  So, two years in a row she has lost babies on the exact same day.  Heartbreaking.  This is admittedly easier since we never got to know her in person, but God.  They are doing an autopsy on the baby to try to find out more.  However, my sister has said that she is now done trying and is selling all of my nephew's old clothes at garage sale this summer.  It's so sad.  I can't believe this happened again, and it is another "fluke," according to the doctors.  Jesus, how many flukes does one family have to take?  And Teen Mom goes on and on...

2.  First day teaching today, and it was very fun.  Seven more days of 9-5 teaching, although I am going to have to skip out a bit to do my work, although I tried very hard to get most things done early.  I think I'm doing okay.  I did forget to ask the students for questions, since I'm so used to just getting up, saying my piece, and having a Judge butt in if they have a question.  Lesson learned for tomorrow's lecture.  Critiquing the students on the direct examinations was also a blast.  I'm actually learning a lot, too!  You so rarely get to take IP cases to trial that you get a little rusty. 

3.  I am in love with Mad Men.  I didn't watch the show initially, I don't know why, and then I felt like I couldn't jump in, so I continued not to watch it.  However, on Black Friday, the DVDs were on sale on Amazon for all four seasons for around $8 apiece, so I picked them up.  I finally got around to watching them over the past few weeks, and all I have to say is that this show is awesome.  The sets and wardrobe are great, not to mention the chain smoking and constant drinking throughout the show.  I love it.  I wish people smoked like this on other shows.  It's entertaining.  I can't believe Jon Hamm hasn't won an Emmy.  He is so good in this show -- the extent of his facial expressions alone is amazing.  I haven't liked an actor this much since Edward Norton in American History X.  Honestly, Jon Hamm was born to play this role.  Even better, he reminds me of Cary Grant and some of the old school actors who were so suave and mature and debonair.  Unlike today's popular actors.     

4.  Rick Santorum.  Really, Iowa? 


  1. So so sorry for your sister's loss. I can't believe it was on the same day. The cruelest of jokes universe!

    So glad you're having fun teaching! I bet they love you!

  2. So sorry to hear about your niece!