Monday, February 20, 2012

Out of Control Political Correctness -- A Chink in The Armor

It's been all over the headlines that a writer from ESPN, who used the headline "A Chink in the Armor" to describe the effect of 9 turnovers by Jeremy Lin on his team's loss, has now been fired.


I've heard the phrase "a chink in the armor" many times in my life.  The Dictionary describes a "chink" as a "crack, cleft, fissure" or "narrow opening."  It's pretty clear what the writer was trying to convey.  This isn't a phrase that is uncommon or rare.

However, because Jeremy Lin is Chinese, everyone jumped to the conclusion that the writer was being a racist jerk.  It's kind of like not being able to use the phrase "that's so gay" anymore, because someone might get offended.  Or "retarded."  Can't use that anymore either.  Guess now we can't use "chink in the armor" unless we are referring to a white person.

This country is out of control.  I feel horrible for the writer who lost his job.  I don't believe for one second he was trying to be offensive or racist toward Jeremy Lin in using that expression.  It's a common expression.  It was everyone else who jumped all over him who are the racists, getting offended over any word -- even a word with an innocent definition that fit the situation.  I'm really getting tired of people seemingly searching for ways to be offended over anything anyone says.  This does not bode well for our country.  


  1. Totally agree with you. I don't think they meant anything by it and it's ridiculous that everyone has to apologize for things that didn't have bad intentions. I wish they had simply said, "We didn't mean to offend anyone" and leave it at that.
    Even David who's Korean thought it was BS.

  2. As a Chinese person myself, I definitely didn't think he meant anything by it. I absolutely agree that it's a common phrase, but I am surprised that no one caught it before they printed. I do believe though that you shouldn't use the phrase "That's so gay" as a replacement for "That's stupid."

  3. I'll admit I'm not keeping up with any of this, but I have to say it is more surprising to me that no one caught this before it went to print. It's common to use puns & word play in headlines b/c you want the catch the reader's attention and make them want to read the article. So you'd think someone would have looked at that and been like, "Uhhhh, maybe not?" Because even if the writer didn't intend to use it pejoratively, that word has a history in this country.

    I trained myself a long time ago to use the word "ridiculous" in place of "retarded" because I realized it was what I was really trying to convey anyway. There are a few times when I will still use "retarded" because something is slow or not fully developed, because that is the actual meaning of the word, but I try not to use it when I mean ridiculous. And I've never been one to use the phrase "That's so gay" but maybe I'm a little too PC b/c it does make me cringe when I hear other people use it.