Monday, February 13, 2012

Strange Things About the Grammys

I haven't watched the Grammys in years, and only tuned in last night because L.L. Cool J. was hosting and to see what they would do about Whitney Houston's death.  Honestly, it was a fairly entertaining show.  I didn't hate it, and I was thrilled that Adele swept the awards.  She deserved it, and her simple, no gimmicks performance was a welcome relief in light of Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj's backup dancers, dancing, costume, and craziness.  I also thought Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney was nice, considering she had less than 24 hours to prepare.   

But...a few things were strange:

1. Why didn’t Lady Gaga perform or present an award? It seemed odd to me that she was there, she released a new album last year, she is the “darling” of the music world, and yet she sat in her seat the entire time.

2. Why did Paul McCartney, Chris Brown, and Foo Fighters all perform twice? Was there a lack of people who wanted to perform? Couldn’t the Grammy planners have picked someone else who was nominated, or even a lesser known band?

3. Why is everyone acting like Chris Brown isn’t a felon who beat the crap out of Rihanna?

4. LL Cool J must have superpowers to have been allowed by the powers that be to actually read a prayer on national television.

5. Why weren’t Etta James and Don Cornelius included in the Memoriam montage? I realize they were mentioned at other times during the night, but it still seemed strange to not include their picture on the screen.

6. Why did Dave Grohl basically slam electronic music and then show up half an hour later performing with Deadmau5?

7. Why is Nicki Minaj popular? Her desperation was seeping through my television.

8. Why is Coldplay singing with Rihanna? What the hell, Chris Martin?

9. Since when did the Grammys become so countrified? I haven’t watched them in years, but I don’t remember country playing such a big role in the past.

10. Why did no one point out that Bruce Springsteen or Paul McCartney are older than dirt and should hang it up, like so many people were saying about Madonna prior to and during her Superbowl performance? Double standard, much?


  1. LOVE this! I didn't watch the entire show but the last half was a total shitshow. Good grief!

    Totally sick of Chris Brown. Did you see that collection of tweets from young women saying how he could beat them all he wanted? Something is very very wrong with our society.

    Nicki Minaj embarrassed herself. None of that made any sense. And she barely sang - just a few peeps over pre-recordings.

    The double performances were ridiculous and yes! SO much country. They have their own awards! Ha!

    I didn't like Jennifer Hudson's performance at all. No one can compare to Whitney's voice and a tribute of clips would've been better than putting the focus on JH.

  2. God, I love your commentary. And yeah...I was rather thrown off with all these double performances. I liked Jennifer Hudson's performance, but...I don't know. Something was off. Maybe "I Have Nothing" would have suited her voice better?