Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear NATO Protestors

We know you are coming. It's likely you will begin converging on Chicago next weekend or early next week. It's your right to protest, so I won't comment on that. All I ask is a few things:

1. Chicago is a clean, beautiful city. Please don't do anything to ruin that. Don't throw bricks through windows, litter, or spray graffiti on buildings. Leave the city how you found it.

2. Even though you may be out protesting, many people who live in Chicago will be trying to get to work and/or to go about their daily lives. Please don't interfere with the commute. While I understand that some roads and trains will be shut down, don't interfere with the ones that are running. Commuting will be miserable enough.

3. Stay in the Loop. There is no need for you to venture to the outlying neighborhoods.

4. Don't commit any crimes when you are here. Our police have enough to do.

5. If you are thinking about camping out in Grant, Millennium, or Lincoln Park, forget about it. The city will not let that happen. Also, see number 1.

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