Friday, May 4, 2012

Misty Water Colored Memories

I think I posted previously about the massive load of Cabbage Patch Kids and other stuffed animals my mom unloaded on me last Easter.  (Which yes, I cannot bear to throw away.  Are you kidding me?  These were my babies!  They are in a box in a closet in my basement.  Maybe someday.  It's like Toy Story or something, the sheer memories these things have.)  The drill now is that every time I visit my mom's house, I have to bring more of my crap home.  At this point my crap in her basement consists of milk crates of my high school and college papers and notes, and other random boxes of things that never got thrown out. 

So, this morning, I embarked upon yet another journey into the boxes in the corner, and I found the box I packed up after my dad died.  He died when I was 19, and away at college.  My official home was with him at that time, so I went to his house when I  flew home upon hearing the news, even though he obviously wasn't there.  For whatever reason that I barely remember, I packed up some of his things and knick knacks into a box for myself.  I'm not sure I've looked at them since.  It's a random collection of items that I wanted of his when I was 19 years old. 

So, here is what was in the box:

1)  He had a bunch of wood/glass/ceramic ducks on his fireplace mantle.  (You know how people collect these things?  My dad did also.)  I took them all.

2)  He loved old cars, and had a number of model cars.  I took his three favorites.  One of them, I found had hidden inside of it a picture of his mother and her father.  This is, I believe, the only picture we have of my grandmother's father.  Score.

3)  He died on February 13.  On my dresser in my bedroom was the box of Valentine chocolates he had bought for me.  (I was due to come home within a couple of weeks.)  I have the empty box.

4)  The really ugly wooden boat I made for him when I was about eight that has "Dad" written on it in purple glitter.

5)  The bag of sympathy cards from his funeral.  (Which apparently I wrote thank you notes to everyone!)

6)  His camera.  Wow, is this thing big and old!

What a weird box of stuff.  I obviously took other things from his house, mainly photographs, but this was the box of stuff that I thought it important to take.  (In short, ducks and cars.)   

Here is what is really awesome about the box, though.  I found in it an official copy of his birth certificate.  Can I even begin to tell you how long I've been trying to find out the right spelling of his mother's maiden name for this genealogy crap I've been doing?  His brother (my uncle) kept giving me the wrong spelling!  So, this find was golden.  I have no idea why it was in that box, but it was, and it's rather nice to have an official copy of my dad's birth certificate.  And now maybe I can find out some information about his mother.  It's strange because I was really close to her, and she told me all kinds of stories about my grandpa and her life, but I never thought to ask her about her parents, who came to this country from Poland.  Oh, to go back! 

So, the  model cars are up on top of the bookcase in my basement.  They look great, although they don't really go with my decor.  (Who cares!)  However, I have no clue what to do with all of these ducks.  :)  I'm not sure the ducks are going to make an appearance..... 


  1. So so sweet. I can't bear to take much of anything out of my parents' house yet. My dad still lives there and even though she had a will listing specific things, I don't want there to be empty gaps while my dad's still there. I also don't really have space for anything.
    I did take her perfume. One of these days, when I move into a bigger place, I'll get some of the furniture and nic nacs but none of it is going anywhere and I can go there any time I want.
    The material things just don't mean all that much to me. I'd probably grab silly things like cars and ducks (hers would be bunnies) too.