Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Thoughts on May 18, 2012

1.  I was at the "big" NATO protest today.  It wasn't nearly as big as the media (or the protestor tweets) would have you believe.  Daley Plaza had people all over, but there was no crowding.  Far less people than at the big Christmas festival they hold each year.  There were barricades everywhere on the sidewalks, but no people to block.  It was just kind of a goofy, hippy, granola rally, where everyone was loving on each other.  About a third of the people watching seemed to be workers from the Loop with a sense of amusement on their face -- just checking it out, since the media represented that this was going to be some Huge Thing.  General crowd was about 1/3 nurses, 1/3 curious onlookers, and 1/3 protestors.  Oh yeah, and a bunch of people were handing out flyers on communism and socialism.  Awesome, right?  At any rate, the rally was nothing.  Later on the entitled protestors decided to do an unpermitted march all over the city streets, and the cops pretty much let them.  (The cops put up with a lot.)  Then the protestors camped out in front of the Chicago Board of Trade on LaSalle and seemed confused about what to do next.  (The cops let them sit in on the street.)  They were "resting."  Then, they left.  The cops just kind of hung out with their bikes and such and watched.  The entire thing was incredibly boring.  Honestly, the Tribune and Sun Times has been preparing us for all these protestors, and if this is it, they are dead in the water.  Maybe at most 2,000 people in Daley Plaza.  At the sit-in on LaSalle?  About 200.  Don't believe the numbers you read on Twitter.  I work right down the street and I saw it with my own eyes.

2.  2-0 on jury trials.  Getting ready for number 3.  After this, I may take the rest of the year off.  Just kidding.  Good to win again, though. 

3.  Mad Men.  This season has been utterly weird, has it not?  I feel a huge sense of doom --something bad is about to happen.  The Snowball/Pig thing in the past episode, makes me think we are heading toward an Animal Farm like revolt.  But from who?  We'll see.  I don't want to be one of those people who puts that much thought into a television show, but I do have some thoughts on this symbolism and reference.  Maybe I'll post about it later.  The thing I love about Mad Men is that everything means something.  Even the fashion.  (If you don't read Tom and Lorenzo's web site about the fashion, do.  They do an unbelievable critique on the fashion in the episodes.  It is awesome.) 

4.  So excited for the Olympics.  I love watching the Olympics.  It reminds me how out of shape I am, and how unathletic I am, yet I still like to dream.  I've started running, which I've never done in my life.  But, I like running around my neighborhood, looking at the houses and such.  Running is hard.  I've been doing an alternate run/walk thing, for three or so miles.  It's about a half an hour or less jaunt.  I need to increase the running and the length and the time, but it's okay so far.  I'm working some muscles -- and having fun.  Frankly, I could walk for miles -- I just need to start jogging/running them more.  I'm using the MapMyRun app on my iPhone, which is incredibly awesome because I start it up, and it follows me on the GPS.  So, I stop here and there to find out how far I've gone, etc., so I can figure out future routes.  Really great app to map out running routes.  I went right for the paid version, because it's only about $3 and I don't like advertisements.

5.    Still not smoking.  Yep, since March 22.  I want one so bad, but at this point I can't ruin it.  You'd think I'd be over it, right?  It's weird.  So weird.  This is such an addiction.  My body feels like it needs it, but I know all the nicotine is out by now.  However, considering I've drank a lot since March 22 and dealt with a ton of stress (trial), I'm well on my way to being smoke free forever.  But goddamn, I would love a smoke!  One of the secretaries, who I trust, tells me that six months in really  decreased it for her, but then yesterday she told me she'd give anything for a cigarette.  ARGH!  Am I ever going to get rid of this?  But, not smoking.  And, saving money.  A lot.  I am going to buy some shoes soon, which I will post, because they will be crazy, splurge, expensive shoes.

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