Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Thoughts on May 2, 2012

1.  Holy shit, how is it already May 2?

2.  As I said in my previous post, the trial is still going.  I've left after 21 days in California.  Jury selection took two days, there is no court on Fridays, and overall, trials are slow as hell.  I've got another trial starting in June (unless the defendant actually sees reality and settles), so between needing to get ready for that and going to my sister's college graduation, I abandoned my team.  (No, not really.  They are fully staffed!)  I feel guilty, but there's not much I can do.

3.  I never realize how much I miss Chicago until I'm away from it.

4.  My house is still standing.

5.  My car has about a half an inch of dust on it.

6.  My DVRs are nearly full.  (Yes, I keep one going upstairs, and one in the basement -- why do you ask?)

7.  Some weird shit happened when I was on trial.  It's amazing the things you find out when you are getting drunk with coworkers.

8.  My sister H looks like a beauty queen in her official nursing school photo.  I wish I could post it.

9.  This morning I woke up and thought I was still in the hotel room.  My bed is on the same "wall."  There was confusion.

10.  Trader Joe's pick your own six pack feature is one of the best things ever.  I'm trying some new pale ales tonight, before I drive to the Big D in the morning.

11.  I'm still not smoking.  That's 42 days, or $420 I've saved, that I will be spending on a new pair of SHOES!  Go me!

12.  I hate Blogger's new format.  Why was this change necessary?  It's slow as hell.


  1. 42 days?? You're amazing!

    Re: Blogger -- I KNOW. What is up with this?? I can't figure out where anything is.

    PS: What's Chicago like in the summer? I'm thinking of heading there around June-ish and have no idea what I should eat/do/see. Yes, those are in descending order of importance.

  2. So proud of you and your 42 days!
    Oh and congrats to your sis for finishing nursing school! You've gotta be proud!!

  3. LR: I'm amazingly proud of my sister! The graduation ceremony was nice. More nice was having drinks with her and my other sister afterward. We've decided to institute a sisters yearly weekend trip somewhere.

    The Procrastinator: Chicago is amazing in the summer. Weather is usually really nice in June, can get a little hot in July and August, but since it's the Midwest, you never really know. There are art and music festivals nearly every weekend in the summer in the various neighborhoods, which are really fun. Tons of great restaurants. Have you been to Chicago before? If you decide a weekend to come, shoot me an e-mail with the dates and what kinds of things you typically like to do, and I can send you some suggestions, if you are interested in going outside the usual touristy Chicago stuff. If you let me know what kind of food you like, I can definitely recommend some restaurants. There is a lot to do here! :)