Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TSA and Dry Shampoo

I flew home yesterday from the still ongoing trial out in California.  I got to leave because H is graduating from nursing school tomorrow, so I am heading to the Big D first thing in the morning.  There are plenty of attorneys around to pick up my slack, so they are fine out there.  I feel bad about leaving the team behind, but there is no way in hell I am missing H's college graduation.  She's sat through two of my graduations, so it's the least I can do.

Anyway, the point of this post is dry shampoo.  I rather like this stuff.  It's not something to use every day, but on days when you don't have the time to wash your hair, it gives a nice freshen up.  (Or even after working out I sometimes like to put it in my hair.)  I had a bottle of it from Lush with me out in California, because I knew we'd be working late nights and wanted to be fully prepared.  The Lush bottle of dry shampoo looks like a lotion bottle.  Because I was also using the powder in it as a way to freshen up my Skechers that I wore without socks for about 18 days (yuck, right?) I forgot to put it in my suitcase when I packed my enormous, coffin-like suitcase yesterday morning.  So, since it was powder, I just threw it in my carry on.  (I had enough problems trying to close my suitcase as it was, so there was no thought of attempting to open it up again to put in one more bottle.) 

I strategically got in the regular metal detector line, as opposed to the pornographic radiation x-ray machine, thinking all would go smoothly.  Wrong. The astute TSA watcher spotted something in my bag, and pulled me aside.  I actually couldn't even remember what was in my carry-on.  I had just thrown a bunch of crap that wouldn't fit into my huge suitcase into it.  Actually, some of it I hadn't even unpacked since I landed on April 10.  So, when he asked me if there was anything sharp in it, all I could say was "I don't think so."  I mean, who remembers what they did six hours earlier?  Not me anymore.

He pulled out the dry shampoo, and gave me a look like I was a bad person, and reminded me of the 3 ounce (or whatever it is) limit.  Then, things moved along like this:

Me:  It's not liquid.  It's powder.  It's dry shampoo.  Look at it.

He shakes the bottle.  Looks closer.  Points to the label, that says "dry shampoo." 

Him:  Dry shampoo?  What is this?

Me:  It's just powder to soak up the oil in your hair if you don't have time to shampoo.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Him:  Really?  I had no idea they made that. 

Me:  Yes, they do.

Him:  You're right.  It says dry shampoo.  And it's powder.  (He then shook the bottle, amazed.)

By then he was on my side, and informed me that he had to send my bag back through.  He walked over to the astute woman who sidelined me, and showed her my dry shampoo.  I could hear the wonder in his voice as he told her it was dry shampoo. 

Meanwhile, I waited.  Then, he came back with my bag, and asked me more questions about the dry shampoo.  It wasn't anything TSA related; it was just his total curiousity at this product. 

Actually, I found it rather amusing.