Friday, June 15, 2012

Well, True Blood is Back. And It Sucks.

I can't believe I was even excited for the premiere of True Blood last Sunday.  I actually had forgotten how utterly awful last season was when I saw Christopher Meloni (!) and Alexander Skarsgard in the previews for this season.

I'm going to assume you've seen it. If you want a recap, go over to Television Without Pity.

So, you have Soooookie.  Gap toothed Anna Paquin, who I know can act, yet doesn't show any acting skills at all in this show.  She's supposed to be Sooookie of the magical fairy land, and thank God for that, because otherwise I would have to question why anyone on the entire show would want to be around her, much less fall in love with her.  And yet she's got Bill, Eric, Alcide.  I mean, seriously?  All these hotties of the netherworld are in love with this total dumbass who constantly says dumbass things and makes dumbass decisions?  Oh, but she's really smart and tough.  Yeah, right.

And Tara.  The writers of the show have completely destroyed this character.  I'm surprised people aren't crying racism.  She started out fine, but has worked her way into complete nutbar land.  And now they've gone and turned her into a vampire?  They should've left her dead.  Let's let the actress go find a better role. 

Bill and Eric could lead to some interesting adventures.  Why don't we kill off everyone else and follow them around?  Lafayette is too angst ridden now.  Sam is boring.  Jason is ...bleh.  Jessica...could be fun, but I hate what she did to Hoyt.  Holly and Andy...I could care less about this storyline.  Ditto for Arlene and Terry.  There are too many characters and too many storylines.  This has been a problem for the past couple of seasons.  Why so much?  Why not narrow it down a little bit?   

Hoyt.  I like Hoyt.  I hate that now he's all angsty over Jessica. 

The only saving grace about this entire show is Pam (Kristen Bauer was utterly wasted in a tiny role as Malificent in Once Upon a Time this season).  Maybe the whole show should be about Pam.    

And yet -- I can't stop watching.  I need to see what Christopher Meloni is going to do with this.