Monday, August 27, 2012

Am I On Candid Camera at TJ Maxx?

I had the strangest experience at TJ Maxx over the weekend.

Since my pants are all too big for me, I went over to buy a couple pair of work pants. (Size 6, baby!) The checkout area has one of those big mouse mazes, whereupon you end in front of a row of registers. So, I approached the registers, walked all through the mouse maze, even though there was no one at all in line, and emerged in front of the registers. One of the registers looked open, so I walked over.

Let me just reiterate – no one was in line. No one was standing in the mouse maze.

So, the salesgirl (hereafter, SG1) working the empty register sees me approaching her register, and says “Ma’am, the line is back between those boards.”

I turned around, and she was pointing at the mouse maze I had just walked through. I said “I just walked through there and came out here.”

SG1 (pointing at the mouse maze): Ma’am, the line is over there.

(Note: There is no one in line.  This is when I first expected to see Ashton Kutcher.)

Me: Again, I just walked through there.

SG1: Well, I don’t know that.

Me: I’m telling you. And there is no one in line.

SG1: You have to wait until someone calls you.

Me: Well, you should put that on a sign. You were open, so I walked over.

SG1: Ma’am, please get in line.

(Again, there is no one in line.  I am the line.)

At this point, salesgirl #2's (SG2) register opens up, and she looks at me warily. By now, I am highly annoyed.  All I wanted to do was pay for my fucking pants.

Me: (to SG2) Are you calling me?

SG2: I guess.

Me: This is so silly. I walked through the line.  I just want to pay.

SG2: Well, I don’t know if that’s the truth. People will come after us.

Me: What do you mean people will come after you?

SG2: People get really mad when other people cut.  They'll come after us.

Me: They'll come after you?  That's silly.  I didn’t cut. And, there is no one in line! Who do you think is going to come after you?

SG2: They do. And you’re supposed to wait until you’re called.

Me: Well you should have a sign up that says that, then.  I saw an empty register, so I walked over to it, which is the normal process for checking out. 

SG2: That’s not my job.


All this for two pairs of pants?

Honestly, I could not believe how rude these two salesgirls were, or how silly the entire situation was. I was admittedly getting a little heated because they both accused me of lying about walking through the empty mouse maze. I mean, who does that? Also, there was no one in line. I guess I could see if there was a line or someone was complaining, but there was no one there.  I would’ve left, except I wanted the pants.  It was really a bizarre experience. 


  1. Omg those women are insane.
    It's like they both had mass hysteria paranoia or something.
    This is why they work at cash registers!

    And congrats on the size 6! I was so close to fitting in a 6 tonight (maybe if I hadn't had a big lunch) but I resigned myself to an 8. Maybe in another week or two!
    I'm going to take all my 10s and get them altered once I'm at a solid 6.