Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Selfies" in the Car - Why?

I don’t understand “selfies.”  Maybe it’s because I’m not photogenic so I don’t like having my picture taken.  Or because I grew up in an age where there were no digital cameras, so it was important to take your pictures wisely because there was only so much film in the camera.  When I take a picture, I don’t need a close up of my face.  If I’m taking a picture, it is either to mark an occasion with friends or to mark a location where I happen to be.  Or of my dessert, if it is particularly memorable.  But even if traveling alone, it’s usually very easy to find another person who will gladly snap a photo of you in front of the Statute of Liberty.  

I can think of very few instances where a “selfie” seems logical.  For instance, if you are somewhere scenic in the middle of nowhere all alone and there is no one else around to take your picture.  Or maybe if you run a blog where your clothing or make-up is part of the blog, so you take a picture of yourself to showcase what you are wearing or your eyeshadow that day.  That makes sense to me.   
Unfortunately, that is not the typical "selfie."  People seem obsessed with taking pictures of themselves.  Is it narcissism gone bad?  They are everywhere!  High school “friends” in my Facebook feed.  There is one gal in particular who posts a new "selfie" every week.  I saw a news story today about Obamacare and the picture they posted of the poor woman who can’t find a doctor to treat her was – you guessed it, a "selfie."  I mean, really?  She didn’t have another picture of herself?  (This is aside from the fact that sometimes I’m stunned at the terrible pictures of people that news stories use.  What's worse, is the news source must have gotten the pictures from the family, so I often wonder why the family would give them such a bad picture.  I saw a news story in the Daily Mail today that had a person in it with their eyes closed.  I mean…what?)  Pictures people took of themselves in the mirror are all over the Internet.  Celebrities are tweeting selfies.  And it’s kind of hilarious because the angle is always so terrible and unflattering.  So...why? 

Anyway…on to my point.  Why do people take “selfies” in the car?  In my Facebook feed, on the Internet, and even in news stories I see “selfies” of people in the car.  I don’t get it.  What motivates someone to get in the driver’s seat of their car, put on their seatbelt, and think “Damn, now is a great time to take a picture of myself!”  They always have their seatbelt on!  I don’t get it.  What am I missing? 

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