Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Really Bad, Aren't I?

I can't even believe it's been since March that I posted.


I'm terrible.  Truly awful.

Please forgive me.  Please.  And let me update you!  Living together is going great, even though it never really occurs to him to unload the dishwasher.  I'm also still waiting for him to finish unpacking his office stuff.  But, whatever, right?  We are still due to get married in March of next year, and we are eloping to Hawaii!  Yay.  We are making the arrangements, but it is going to be an epic trip. 

More importantly, I have the most phenomenal, best fantasy football team of all time.  I'm not even kidding.  The league I am in is run through CBS Sports and after we did the draft, I got this canned e-mail from them that advised me I had drafted the worst team ever and I was going to come in dead last.  Well, guess what CBS Sports?  I'm about to be 3-0, unless Matt Forte can score 75 points tomorrow night.  And on top of that, I haven't won by slim margins.  I'm blowing every other team out of the water.  So, thank you Andrew Luck, DeMarco Murray, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Jeremy Maclin, Rob Gronkowski, Marques Colston, Justin Tucker, et. al.  On what planet is this a losing team, CBS? 

 Also, I'm 40 now.  Holy smokes!  I don't feel 40.  Hopefully I don't look 40.