Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Get Rid of the Kardashians

Oh my God.  How much do I hate hearing about this family?

Has there ever been any point in history where we've heard so much about a bunch of people who have no discernible talent, no skills, nothing....?  All they apparently do is buy properties, go to restaurants, and attend fashion shows.  They are famous merely because they are famous.  Because the eldest sister, working on the name of her father (deceased) spread her legs with her then boyfriend, and spewed out a reality television show.  What?  Who are all of these millions of people who are following these sisters on Instagram and Twitter?  Why?  Why are you following women who have nothing to contribute to the world, to our society, other than selfies of themself?  Oh, look how pretty I am!  Look where I am!  Oh!  Look how big my lips are today?

I mean...really?  Really?  It's actually embarrassing for the world that these Kardashian women who have NO TALENT at all have tens of millions of followers.  Maybe the young girls of today should try following women who are actually intelligent, who have made something of themselves, and who have talent. 

And you can't escape the Kardashians even by not being on Instagram or Twitter.  They are right there on the cover of the newstands.  On the cover of People, Style, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc.  Why? 

Why?  Why am I seeing these totally untalented women everywhere I go?  Why? Why can't I see Marissa Mayer, Carly Fiorni, Meg Whitman?  Why can't I see women who might actually be role models?  Why is it all about how big your butt is, or how big your lips are, or how pretty you are?  Why can't we try to encourage brains?  Can't we?  Aren't brains important?

Can every news magazine, gossip magazine, and gossip website just agree to stop telling us about this family?  Because I honestly think most people don't care about them.  And maybe we could focus on people who have talent.  People who matter.  People in technology, politics, business.  People who actually make a difference.  Not people who just show up for photo ops.

Please, please, please.  Stop covering these nontalented, nothing to offer women.  Surely you can find an actress or model to photograph instead of these talentless realty television stars.